Company Restorations

We sometimes come across clients who have used our company formation service to form a company and sadly two years later they come back to us not to form another limited company or to prepare accounts but to restore the same company by using our company restoration service which is a much more costly service due to the extensive procedures that are sometimes involved.

So, what went wrong?

Company Directors were negligent in lodging a simple form called the ‘Annual Return’ with the Registrar of companies which has dire consequences.

And what were the consequences?

The company had more than £10,000 in its bank account which the directors could not access because the bank had frozen the account and passed the funds to the Bona Vacantia department of the Treasury, much to the surprise of the directors!

All was not lost though. With our years of experience in restoring a company we were able to restore the company to the Register and claim the money back from the Treasury.

Our advice

  • Stay on top of your paper work.
  • Companies House agency is making it easier to file forms by making it available online. Take advantage of online filing available at
  • If unsure of how to do it, get in touch with us before it is too late. We can file annual returns and annual accounts for your limited company.

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