Six Accounting Apps That Will Change The Way You Manage Your Business 

Phones are often used for snapping selfies, sending emails, and making calls, but did you know that the technology currently sitting in your pocket can be used to help you manage your business? With the ready availability of the inbuilt camera, using your smart phone as a way to keep track of invoices and receipts is a great idea. There are many accounting apps available which can turn your phone into a mobile accountant.

Here’s an overview of six accounting apps that will change the way you manage your business in the future:

Earnest (Apple)

Earnest is a free, simple record keeping app for Apple devices developed by FreeAgent. With this app it’s possible to track your income, watch your expenses, monitor business cashflow, and keep an eye on tax so you’ll never miss those deadlines. Earnest can even give you an estimate of how much tax you’ll owe.

Mint (Android)

Mint is a free app that is advertised as a personal finance app. However, it does offer useful tools for small business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s possible to add credit cards and bank accounts and the app will pull in and categorise your transactions so it’s easy to see where money is going. Having organised finances means that you can spend more time focussing on the business.

Shoeboxed (Android)

Shoeboxed is a receipt, bill, and financial document organiser for Android devices. It has the neat ability of being able to extract important information (date, payment type, vendor, total, etc.) from the receipt which then creates a searchable digital database. Ditching the real-life shoebox for this app will save you time and money.

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Sage Record Keeper (Apple) 

Sage Record Keeper is a free app for Apple devices which has been designed to help self-employed people keep cash records. As well as being a great way to organise your transactions and track deadlines, this accounting app also stores six years of tax records for future auditing or reference. There’s a lot more to this accounting app and it is well worth visiting the app page to have a look.

Freshbooks (Android) 

Freshbooks is an easy to use accounting app for Android devices which makes it possible to track your business’s expenses and profits. Like other accounting app services, it charts and organises your business’s expenses to help you make good business decisions and file your taxes. It has some extra functionalities which might be useful for your business.

Quick File (Apple) 

Fed up of losing all of those receipts in the washing machine? Never lose a receipt or an invoice again with this free app for Apple devices. Quick File makes it possible to quickly photograph, crop, and file your receipts. It’s easy to view the receipts on your phone or online when you need them again.

Help with business accounting

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