British Business Etiquette Top Tips

Every country has a different culture based on attitudes and values. If you’d like to successfully do business in a foreign country, it is important to know and reflect these values. In order to aid businesses hoping to trade in the UK, we’ve compiled our top tips for getting British business etiquette right. Whether you’re working for a company based abroad and are looking to expand into the UK, or are a UK business wanting to brush up on your etiquette, this article will help you to make a great impression.

Appreciate the environment

Corporate social responsibility is becoming more important to businesses in the UK. With global warming and our impact on the environment a topic many UK businesses are currently thinking about, it would be a good idea to do what you can to reduce your business’ carbon footprint and negative impact on the environment. This will also give you a great subject to talk about to bond with other businesses.

Be punctual

British people in general value good time keeping. If a meeting was arranged for nine o clock, a British business person would generally arrive at that time or even a little earlier. It would be considered impolite to turn up to a meeting late. If you’ve been delayed unavoidably for a few minutes, an apology upon arrival is acceptable. However, if you’re going to be more than a few minutes late it would be a good idea to call and offer to rearrange the meeting if it’s no longer convenient for them. Time is valued as an economic resource.

Fit in

To really do well trading in the UK, embracing the British culture is a good way to forge relationships both with potential customers and business allies. British people like to support businesses they perceive to be local traders and it is likely they’ll also be more trusting of a British business. A good way to fit in is by using a business address service. Visit to find out more about our business address service that will enable your company to use a prestigious West London address as your company’s mailing address and on company stationery.

fit in

Observe the correct dress code

Classical conservative dress is the norm for business occasions in Britain. Dark colours such as black, dark blue and grey are all common and you can almost never go wrong wearing a suit. While dress code varies across industries, with more creative based companies possibly being less formal, it is always better to be overdressed than under dressed. Silk ties and well made suits and shoes are also considered a sign of affluence and status.

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