4 Ways To Make Your Business Boom This Summer

For some businesses, the summer season is the busiest time of year. However, many companies, especially B2B, will be bracing themselves for a drop in revenue as other businesses go on holiday and business staff take vacations too. Even if your business isn’t naturally geared to make a big splash in the summer months, you can do a lot to ramp up your revenue by taking action to gain future customers. Here are four tips to help make your business boom this summer:

  1. Take it to the streets

There are many outdoor events at this time of year and your business can benefit from them! Have a look at local festivals, fairs, and popup shop opportunities. Even if you don’t have any physical products to sell, this is a great way to become known in the community and to reach an entirely new potential client base. Spread the word!


  1. Be sociable

This follows on from the first tip. It is also important to be sociable in the digital world. Make sure your social media accounts and website are up to date, and if at all possible, display posts with a summer theme. Graphics and photos should be lighter and brighter to reflect the season. Use your company’s down time to engage with large conversations on social media and use relevant hashtags to build your audience.


  1. Take time to reflect and improve

If summer isn’t going to be a very busy time for your business, use the time to reflect on the year that’s gone by and consider what’s gone well and areas you could improve in. Some things to consider may include how your brand is seen by potential customers and how efficient and organised your business is.


If you don’t think your business location is doing your company any favours, why not use a business address service? We offer a business address service that will enable you to use a prestigious London address on your business stationary. This is a great way to gain respect. https://blog.eformations.co.uk/address-service/


Have you formed your company? If you’ve just started out in business, but haven’t had a chance to form your limited company yet, the summer is a great time to do it. Don’t put off this essential step! If you’re putting it off due to the complication and time it will take, we offer a company formation service that will form your business in 3-5 working hours. (INSERT LINK)


  1. Use summer themes to tempt customers

Many businesses take advantage of the warmer season with seasonal offers. Why not package some of your products or services in a bundle and market it as a ‘summer saver’ or something similar? You could also brand it with bright, sunny colours and promote it outside your premises to show you’re in the summer spirit! It’s good to have something new happening in your business.


Need help making your business boom this summer?

At eformations, we’re here to help your business succeed. Whether you need a first class company formation service or to make your business address more prestigious, we’re ready to assist. For information about these services and any other services we provide, please call us for a friendly chat on 020 8232 5479, or visit our website: https://blog.eformations.co.uk/



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