4 Reasons Why You Don’t Need a Brilliant Idea to Start a Business

Entrepreneurs are often seen as ideas people. They pluck their inspiration from the world around them and come up with brilliant, game changing concepts that catapult them to success and net them millions, or even billions of pounds in profit. But what if you don’t have a burning idea that will change the world? Does that mean that you can’t be an entrepreneur or start a business?

It doesn’t mean that at all! Here are four reasons why you don’t need a brilliant idea to start a business.

  1. Starting with the perfect idea is rare

Most of the big businesses successes you hear about didn’t hit the ground running with the perfect idea. They probably had an idea that they then tweaked until it turned into the idea we know and love today. PayPal started out as a money transfer service to another set up, Confinity. It wasn’t until later that PayPal became the hugely successful company it is right now. Don’t be afraid to start with what you have. Just be sure to react and make changes as you find out what works and what doesn’t.


  1. Inspiration is already out there

A lot of serial entrepreneurs take their inspiration from the daily paper, and you can too! Flicking through the pages and making a note of the headlines is a great way of identifying trends that you can then cash in on. Is a shortage of plumbers mentioned? You can be the one to set up a plumbing training course!

  1. Don’t worry about the idea, it’s all in the execution

A lot of people have great business ideas but they are doomed to remain as ideas for ever. The most important step towards becoming a business success is starting the business and working as hard as you possibly can to make it happen. Don’t just dream about it, do it!

  1. Take an idea and do it better

If your perfect business idea is already taken, that’s okay! If there’s a business concept that you admire but think could be done much better, why shouldn’t you be the one to make those improvements? This is another excellent way of starting a business without a brilliant idea. If you’re modelling yourself on an already fairly successful business, you can also be assured that there is a demand for the product or service you’re going to offer.

Have you been inspired to start a business?

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