How To Attract Big Talent To Your Business

Talented employees are difficult to find, especially when you’re a small business competiting with big name brands and businesses with huge budgets. It is essential that your business gets the right talent in order to advance, but how can you attract world-class employees to your small business?

Search for talent using untraditional methods

You don’t need to hire a recruiter to find the best talent for your business. Posting on job sites also often yields poor results, as these sites are overpopulated by big businesses. So where should you be looking for your next star employee?

One of the best untapped sources may be right under your nose. Your current employees may know other people working in the same industry and could have some excellent suggestions. You can incentivise this by offering bonuses for successful referals by your employees.

Another excellent way to bypass other companies also hunting down talent is to promote open job positions on social media. Facebook ads can be highly targetted to a very narrow audience. This makes it far more likely that your ideal candidate will see your ad – and without your business needing to spend megabucks!


Small business, big perks!

When promoting your business, be sure to focus on the benefits of being a part of a smaller company. Small businesses offer more flexibility and greater employee visibility in the company. There are far more opportunities for employees to be leaders and contribute directly to the success of the company, as opposed to being confined to a department in a faceless corporation.

Promote within your business

Before going public with any position, look within your company first. The chances are that a few of your employees will jump at the opportunity to move up in the company. Internal promotion boosts moral and also means you don’t have to train a brand new employee to fit in with your brand values. Filling the more junior position that the employee has been promoted from will be far easier.

Tap the local market

Looking locally for your new talent is an excellent idea. The daily commute is often what employees hate most about their jobs and by offering local employment that cuts the commute, you may be surprised by the calibre of talent you can attract.

When looking for local talent, it’s a great idea to make your business as visible as possible. Participate in local business events by attending, sponsoring and spearking, and join the local chamber of commerce. Make sure that you’re enthusiastic when meeting other local business people and let everyone know that you’re looking for new talent.

Is your business looking its best?

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