Why Brexit Is Good For Business

11 July 2016

There’s been a lot of doom and gloom around the result of the referendum, mostly due to the devaluation of the pound, but is Brexit really bad for business? Here are six silver linings to Brexit that may benefit your business.


1. Property

With uncertainty about sterling, the prices of UK property may fall in the future. This is good news for property entrepreneurs and businesses who are looking to purchase business premises.

2. It may be easier to get a loan for your business

The Bank of England are easing lending rules to stimulate the economy. As well as there being an extra £150 billion available in loans, analysts believe that the Bank of England may cut their interest rates soon to make loans an even more attractive prospect.

3. Businesses in the tourism industry will benefit

With the value of sterling down, the UK may become a more attractive holiday destination to foreign visitors. Foreign destinations are also comparably more expensive, so British holidaymakers may decide to holiday at home.

4. Exporters will benefit

Businesses who rely on imports will be feeling the crunch after the devaluation of sterling. However, businesses that export will be looking at Brexit as an excellent business opportunity. Many exporters are locking in forward contracts at the current rates in order to get the best deal.

5. New talent

While critics believe that businesses who largely hire talent from the EU will see a detrimental effect on their staffing due to Brexit, there is an alternative view that suggests Brexit may improve the workforce.

After Brexit, it is likely that the UK will allow more migrants from countries such as China, India, Australia, and the US, to move to the UK. Businesses may be able to recruit skilled workers from these countries. There is also the possibility that a points entry system will be established – much like Australia’s. This in turn may mean higher quality candidates coming into the UK looking for work.

6. Less red tape

Most businesses, from the micro to huge corporations, have experienced frustration at some point due to EU regulations. Brexit should give the UK full control over how business is run in Britain, which should help British businesses to thrive. After Brexit, the red tape could be removed very quickly and businesses may see benefits almost immediately.

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How Top Businesses Make Their Meetings More Productive

07 July 2016

Holding a productive business meeting can be a challenge. The first thing to consider is whether or not your business meeting is absolutely essential. If the same objective could be accomplished by sending a few emails around, don’t hold the meeting. Meetings take time to plan and organise and don’t forget you’ll be paying staff for time spent in the meeting, so make your meetings count!

Here are some of the secrets that successful businesses use to maximise their meeting productivity:

Be prepared

First, consider what it is that you want the meeting to achieve. Every other step should be structured around this. Possible goals could be sharing information with a group, or gathering opinions.

Once you know what you want the meeting to achieve, create an agenda and share it with staff and colleagues before the meeting. This helps people to prepare for your meeting and means that the meeting has structure and is more likely to remain on topic and on schedule.

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Control more outspoken individuals

While there is nothing wrong with people voicing their opinion, some people are more vocal than others. Devise a way of allowing everyone to share their opinions without overbearing individuals covering the quieter voices. Show your colleagues that everyone’s opinion is valued.

Keep to a timed schedule

Set a meeting start and finish time and stick to it. If you start late, you’re putting out the message that it’s okay to be late and people in your business who were on time will be frustrated. Ending on time is also important. Nobody likes meetings that drag on and the people you’re meeting with may have other commitments and business matters that they have to dash off for. Keeping to a schedule also shows that you’re reliable and well organised.

Offer refreshments

You’ll be amazed by the positive effect that offering food and drink has on meeting productivity. As well as being an act of kindness, offering tea, coffee, cold drinks and even cake, biscuits, or other snacks, makes people feel welcome and boosts motivation at your meeting.


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