Secrets of Success: How To Make Your Business Look Bigger

10 December 2016

Perception is important when it comes to business. While a smaller business can be seen as being efficient and personal, if the business is considered to be too small then it can miss out on larger contracts and deals as clients can infer that the business is not big enough to handle it. In business, size is often perceived as a sign of success (despite the truth often not reflecting this).

If you’ve found this to be the case, what can you do to get your business to be taken more seriously? A good way is to alter perceptions of your company by taking a few simple steps to make your start-up appear bigger.

Be professional online

A great way to get your business taken seriously right from the start is to make sure your business launches with a great website. A startling number of businesses don’t have a website and that often shows browsers that your company is on the smaller side. Find a great local website designer and start your business on its way to a professional online image.

Once you have a website, you’ll also be able to have a company email address. When networking with other business owners, using hotmail or gmail addresses can really let you down. Make sure your email is something like:

Choose the right company name

Trading under your own name might be a big mistake, as it immediately shows you up as a sole trader. If you would like to register your limited company and start being taken more seriously, why not register today using our online company formation service?

Avoid telephone tells

Avoid your company being geographically pigeonholed by getting an 033 number. Alternatively, why not use a professional telephone answering service or pay for a prestigious city number to forward on to your own phone? Using your mobile number also gives the impression of being small, so look into using a Skype number instead.

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Pick the perfect address

Your business address is another way your business can be pigeonholed as being small. Instead of using your home address, use a business address service. We offer a prestigious London business address service. To find out more, click here! 

Network like a pro

Networking is a must for any business but when it comes to exchanging business cards, make sure your cards measure up. Instead of just having your name on the card, make sure it also has your job title, business address, professional email, telephone number that isn’t a mobile, and website address.

Are you ready to take your start-up to the next level?

At eformations we’re here to help your business succeed. Whether you’re looking for a professional business address service, online company formation service, telephone answering service, and much more, we offer many business services that will help your company on its way to achieving its goals. For more information, please visit our website or alternatively, give us a call for a friendly chat on 0208 232 5479.

Four Festive Christmas Business Top Tips

02 December 2016

There’s not long to go until Christmas, and if you’re a business owner, you’ll probably have already seen some festive shopping changes. Many businesses do their best business in the run up to Christmas. With that in mind, we’ve put together our four top tips on how to make the most of the Christmas period and maximise your own business’s success.

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  1. Run special Christmas promotions

In the past, January was the time when the sales came out. Now, it’s never too early to start putting out promotional offers! Customers love to see offers with a festive twist, so be creative. You don’t necessarily need to slash your prices – it could be as simple as throwing in a free Santa toy with every product or service purchased, or offering a mince pie and a hot drink to every business visitor.

  1. Make sure you’re prepared

There is such a thing as being too busy! If you’re expecting a lot of business this Christmas, make sure you have the staff levels to cover the demand. Staff often like to book holiday during the Christmas period, so make sure you’ve taken this into account in your plans.

  1. Get your business looking its best

Christmas is a time when your business will be seen by a lot of existing and new customers, so make sure it’s looking great. Is your branding the way you want it to look? Is your business address doing you any favours? If you’d like to change your business address to a prestigious London address, you can use our business address service. Find out more about our business address service here:


  1. Be a social media star

This Christmas, make sure you use social media to its full potential. Decorate your page with festive trimmings to show customers you are up to date and don’t forget to post all of your best Christmas offers. You could also take advantage of the precise targeting of Facebook adverts to advertise your Christmas promotions and introduce some new customers to your business. Facebook ads allow you to target customers within a specific mile radius from your location, so you won’t be paying to reach people who aren’t likely to visit your business.

Never used Facebook ads before? Facebook offer a lot of step by step help on how to create adverts on their site.

Are you thinking about forming a company over Christmas or in the New Year?

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