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Four Festive Christmas Business Top Tips

02 December 2016

There’s not long to go until Christmas, and if you’re a business owner, you’ll probably have already seen some festive shopping changes. Many businesses do their best business in the run up to Christmas. With that in mind, we’ve put together our four top tips on how to make the most of the Christmas period and maximise your own business’s success.

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  1. Run special Christmas promotions

In the past, January was the time when the sales came out. Now, it’s never too early to start putting out promotional offers! Customers love to see offers with a festive twist, so be creative. You don’t necessarily need to slash your prices – it could be as simple as throwing in a free Santa toy with every product or service purchased, or offering a mince pie and a hot drink to every business visitor.

  1. Make sure you’re prepared

There is such a thing as being too busy! If you’re expecting a lot of business this Christmas, make sure you have the staff levels to cover the demand. Staff often like to book holiday during the Christmas period, so make sure you’ve taken this into account in your plans.

  1. Get your business looking its best

Christmas is a time when your business will be seen by a lot of existing and new customers, so make sure it’s looking great. Is your branding the way you want it to look? Is your business address doing you any favours? If you’d like to change your business address to a prestigious London address, you can use our business address service. Find out more about our business address service here:


  1. Be a social media star

This Christmas, make sure you use social media to its full potential. Decorate your page with festive trimmings to show customers you are up to date and don’t forget to post all of your best Christmas offers. You could also take advantage of the precise targeting of Facebook adverts to advertise your Christmas promotions and introduce some new customers to your business. Facebook ads allow you to target customers within a specific mile radius from your location, so you won’t be paying to reach people who aren’t likely to visit your business.

Never used Facebook ads before? Facebook offer a lot of step by step help on how to create adverts on their site.

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How To Attract Big Talent To Your Business

02 May 2016

Talented employees are difficult to find, especially when you’re a small business competiting with big name brands and businesses with huge budgets. It is essential that your business gets the right talent in order to advance, but how can you attract world-class employees to your small business?

Search for talent using untraditional methods

You don’t need to hire a recruiter to find the best talent for your business. Posting on job sites also often yields poor results, as these sites are overpopulated by big businesses. So where should you be looking for your next star employee?

One of the best untapped sources may be right under your nose. Your current employees may know other people working in the same industry and could have some excellent suggestions. You can incentivise this by offering bonuses for successful referals by your employees.

Another excellent way to bypass other companies also hunting down talent is to promote open job positions on social media. Facebook ads can be highly targetted to a very narrow audience. This makes it far more likely that your ideal candidate will see your ad – and without your business needing to spend megabucks!


Small business, big perks!

When promoting your business, be sure to focus on the benefits of being a part of a smaller company. Small businesses offer more flexibility and greater employee visibility in the company. There are far more opportunities for employees to be leaders and contribute directly to the success of the company, as opposed to being confined to a department in a faceless corporation.

Promote within your business

Before going public with any position, look within your company first. The chances are that a few of your employees will jump at the opportunity to move up in the company. Internal promotion boosts moral and also means you don’t have to train a brand new employee to fit in with your brand values. Filling the more junior position that the employee has been promoted from will be far easier.

Tap the local market

Looking locally for your new talent is an excellent idea. The daily commute is often what employees hate most about their jobs and by offering local employment that cuts the commute, you may be surprised by the calibre of talent you can attract.

When looking for local talent, it’s a great idea to make your business as visible as possible. Participate in local business events by attending, sponsoring and spearking, and join the local chamber of commerce. Make sure that you’re enthusiastic when meeting other local business people and let everyone know that you’re looking for new talent.

Is your business looking its best?

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect employee, it’s a great idea to make sure your business looks as professional as possible.We recommend our London business address service that will add prestige to your company. A London business address looks excellent on business cards and will help your business make the right first impression with potential talent. Our business address service works especially well for businesses who don’t rent business premises, as it gives a professional appearance. To find out more about our online business address service and other business services, visit our website. Alternatively, give us a call for a friendly chat on 0208 232 5479.

Four Amazing Autumn Marketing Tips For A Successful Season

20 October 2015

Autumn is a great time of year for your business to try out some new marketing techniques. Experimenting with new ideas during this season is a good way to discover what works well for your business before the Christmas rush arrives. Here are four of our favourite autumn marketing tips to help your business have a successful season:

  1. Offer seasonal deals

If you can think of a way to do it for your business, offer seasonal deals to entice customers. Even if the products or services you sell don’t appear to lend themselves to autumn marketing, a little thinking outside the box will get you a long way! For example, why not create a package and give it a name like ‘the autumn amazer deal’? Be creative!


  1. Tailor your social media to autumn visitors

Social media is where your customers will be looking to see if your business is current and active. By changing your colour scheme and profile picture and coming up with autumn themed posts, you’ll show customers your business is fresh and on the ball. Don’t forget to be a friendly business and invite your customers in out of the cold! Why not create a post letting customers know they’ll get a free hot drink if they pay a visit to your business?

  1. Give your business a rebrand

Autumn is also a great time to take a step back from your business and consider which areas could be improved upon. Is your logo, business name, or even your business location letting you down? Be brave and make some changes!

A change of business address could be a good place to begin. Why not change your business address to a prestigious London business address, which you can use as your mailing address and on your business stationary? It’s a great way to improve your business’s professional image. To find out more about our business address service, click here!

  1. Run some competitions

When the weather turns chilly, more people stay indoors, which means they’re more likely to be on the computer. This is a great time to launch an online competition that you can promote on your website and social media channels. Running a competition is brilliant for business exposure and you can use it as an excuse to be featured in the local media.

Competitions can also be used by your business to find out what customers think about you, and what they’d like to see from your business. Quiz customers about their favourite product from your business, or ask them what they wish you sold. Every answer will be an entry into the prize draw to win your prize. This is a painless way to conduct surveys that can really help inspire your future business!

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Crowdfunding VS Bootstrapping: What’s Right For Your Business?

11 August 2015

If you’re starting a business but can’t see how you can possibly afford to fund it, what do you do? There are several options open to you. Some start-ups apply for a bank loan or seek investors. However, these ways of funding your business can be hard to attain, especially if you don’t have a track record of running businesses. Easier options for your company might be crowdfunding, or doing without any extra funding by bootstrapping your way to success.


In order to help you choose the right option for your business, here are some pros and cons of the crowdfunding and bootstrapping methods:

Bootstrap your business


  • You are entirely in control of your business – what you decide goes!
  • Funding a business with your own money is great for focusing the mind for success. You don’t want to lose your investment.
  • It’s easier to make fast decisions and changes in your company as you don’t have to run it by anyone else first.
  • You’ll have more time to spend on the business as you won’t be involving others.


  • You’ll have to sacrifice anything that is not absolutely necessary – no plush office!
  • A lack of funding can limit what you can achieve, as you will have fewer resources.
  • It is entirely down to you whether or not your business succeeds or fails.
  • You are assuming all of the financial risk by putting your own money into this venture. Can you afford to lose that money?

Crowdfund your company


  • Funding means that your business can grow a lot faster and you can even afford to hire other people.
  • By creating a campaign and driving publicity for it, your business will have a head-start in marketing by already being in people’s awareness.
  • You may attract bigger investors who like your idea and have previous business experience you can call on.
  • More funding undoubtedly creates more opportunities for your business.


  • It can be hard to generate enough publicity and interest to attain your funding goals.
  • You will have to answer to and update those who have funded you. You will have to deliver on any promises made.
  • It is time consuming to raise the capital and it can also be costly. There’s also a chance you won’t hit your target!
  • You will have to be able to justify exactly how you are going to spend the money you’ll receive, which takes time and planning. Get it wrong and you might not have enough money to achieve your goals.

Take the first steps by forming your company!

Whether you decide to opt for outside funding, or give bootstrapping a go, one of the first steps to achieving your business dreams is to form your company. Your business can be formed and ready to go in 3-5 working hours, leaving you free to take care of more important tasks. Find out more about our easy to use, online company formation service here:

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4 Ways To Make Your Business Boom This Summer

30 July 2015

For some businesses, the summer season is the busiest time of year. However, many companies, especially B2B, will be bracing themselves for a drop in revenue as other businesses go on holiday and business staff take vacations too. Even if your business isn’t naturally geared to make a big splash in the summer months, you can do a lot to ramp up your revenue by taking action to gain future customers. Here are four tips to help make your business boom this summer:

  1. Take it to the streets

There are many outdoor events at this time of year and your business can benefit from them! Have a look at local festivals, fairs, and popup shop opportunities. Even if you don’t have any physical products to sell, this is a great way to become known in the community and to reach an entirely new potential client base. Spread the word!


  1. Be sociable

This follows on from the first tip. It is also important to be sociable in the digital world. Make sure your social media accounts and website are up to date, and if at all possible, display posts with a summer theme. Graphics and photos should be lighter and brighter to reflect the season. Use your company’s down time to engage with large conversations on social media and use relevant hashtags to build your audience.


  1. Take time to reflect and improve

If summer isn’t going to be a very busy time for your business, use the time to reflect on the year that’s gone by and consider what’s gone well and areas you could improve in. Some things to consider may include how your brand is seen by potential customers and how efficient and organised your business is.


If you don’t think your business location is doing your company any favours, why not use a business address service? We offer a business address service that will enable you to use a prestigious London address on your business stationary. This is a great way to gain respect.


Have you formed your company? If you’ve just started out in business, but haven’t had a chance to form your limited company yet, the summer is a great time to do it. Don’t put off this essential step! If you’re putting it off due to the complication and time it will take, we offer a company formation service that will form your business in 3-5 working hours. (INSERT LINK)


  1. Use summer themes to tempt customers

Many businesses take advantage of the warmer season with seasonal offers. Why not package some of your products or services in a bundle and market it as a ‘summer saver’ or something similar? You could also brand it with bright, sunny colours and promote it outside your premises to show you’re in the summer spirit! It’s good to have something new happening in your business.


Need help making your business boom this summer?

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British Business Etiquette Top Tips

23 April 2015

Every country has a different culture based on attitudes and values. If you’d like to successfully do business in a foreign country, it is important to know and reflect these values. In order to aid businesses hoping to trade in the UK, we’ve compiled our top tips for getting British business etiquette right. Whether you’re working for a company based abroad and are looking to expand into the UK, or are a UK business wanting to brush up on your etiquette, this article will help you to make a great impression.

Appreciate the environment

Corporate social responsibility is becoming more important to businesses in the UK. With global warming and our impact on the environment a topic many UK businesses are currently thinking about, it would be a good idea to do what you can to reduce your business’ carbon footprint and negative impact on the environment. This will also give you a great subject to talk about to bond with other businesses.

Be punctual

British people in general value good time keeping. If a meeting was arranged for nine o clock, a British business person would generally arrive at that time or even a little earlier. It would be considered impolite to turn up to a meeting late. If you’ve been delayed unavoidably for a few minutes, an apology upon arrival is acceptable. However, if you’re going to be more than a few minutes late it would be a good idea to call and offer to rearrange the meeting if it’s no longer convenient for them. Time is valued as an economic resource.

Fit in

To really do well trading in the UK, embracing the British culture is a good way to forge relationships both with potential customers and business allies. British people like to support businesses they perceive to be local traders and it is likely they’ll also be more trusting of a British business. A good way to fit in is by using a business address service. Visit to find out more about our business address service that will enable your company to use a prestigious West London address as your company’s mailing address and on company stationery.

fit in

Observe the correct dress code

Classical conservative dress is the norm for business occasions in Britain. Dark colours such as black, dark blue and grey are all common and you can almost never go wrong wearing a suit. While dress code varies across industries, with more creative based companies possibly being less formal, it is always better to be overdressed than under dressed. Silk ties and well made suits and shoes are also considered a sign of affluence and status.

Thinking about changing your business address?

We offer an easy to use business address service that will make it so your business has a prestigious London address. To apply for our business address service please click here: If you’d like to find out more about any of our other business services, why not give us a call for a friendly chat on 020 8232 5479 or visit .

Is Your Business’ Success Being Eclipsed By Your Image?

16 March 2015

It definitely takes more than a great idea to form and run a successful business. But what if despite all the planning and testing the market you form your company, launch it, and it fails to do well? Then it’s time to take a step back from your business baby and consider what might be holding it back from success. With that in mind, we’ve put together a check list that will help you isolate areas where there may be room for improvement in your business. Often, these important areas which affect company image are overlooked, but their effect on a business can be enough to make or break it.

Is your brand unforgettable?

A strong brand will help your business be memorable and help build a relationship with your customers. When creating a brand, it’s a great idea to come up with some brand guidelines and rules that can help you make decisions about how your company is presented.

Here are some points it is important to cover when creating a brand:

  • Creating a logo
  • Your brand colours
  • Your brand fonts and typography
  • Your company’s ethos (some companies write a book on this topic!)
  • A great tagline
  • Mascots and spokespeople

Well-Known World Brand Logotypes

Does your business look credible?

The first step of making your business look credible is to form a limited company. A limited company protects your personal finances and also shows customers you are a legitimate business as opposed to a one person operation. You can form a company using our online company formation service. 

Another thing that could be holding you back is your business address. If you’re using your personal address, or if you aren’t convinced your current address reflects your business positively, a business address service can be a great way to present a more professional business image. You can find out more about our business address service here:

Are you marketing in the right places?

Sometimes, at the start of a business, it can be tempting to follow the crowd as far as advertising goes. While it is important to keep an eye on competitors and the channels they are using, they might not be getting great results. The best thing to do is to work out where your customers hangout – both in the real and digital worlds. A great way of doing this is by talking to them and learning their habits. Alternatively, there are lots of statistics available online that show which demographics are using different social media platforms. From this you should be able to work out the social media channels you should be spending time on, and those that are best left.

Do you need help making your business shine brighter?

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