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How To Attract Big Talent To Your Business

02 May 2016

Talented employees are difficult to find, especially when you’re a small business competiting with big name brands and businesses with huge budgets. It is essential that your business gets the right talent in order to advance, but how can you attract world-class employees to your small business?

Search for talent using untraditional methods

You don’t need to hire a recruiter to find the best talent for your business. Posting on job sites also often yields poor results, as these sites are overpopulated by big businesses. So where should you be looking for your next star employee?

One of the best untapped sources may be right under your nose. Your current employees may know other people working in the same industry and could have some excellent suggestions. You can incentivise this by offering bonuses for successful referals by your employees.

Another excellent way to bypass other companies also hunting down talent is to promote open job positions on social media. Facebook ads can be highly targetted to a very narrow audience. This makes it far more likely that your ideal candidate will see your ad – and without your business needing to spend megabucks!


Small business, big perks!

When promoting your business, be sure to focus on the benefits of being a part of a smaller company. Small businesses offer more flexibility and greater employee visibility in the company. There are far more opportunities for employees to be leaders and contribute directly to the success of the company, as opposed to being confined to a department in a faceless corporation.

Promote within your business

Before going public with any position, look within your company first. The chances are that a few of your employees will jump at the opportunity to move up in the company. Internal promotion boosts moral and also means you don’t have to train a brand new employee to fit in with your brand values. Filling the more junior position that the employee has been promoted from will be far easier.

Tap the local market

Looking locally for your new talent is an excellent idea. The daily commute is often what employees hate most about their jobs and by offering local employment that cuts the commute, you may be surprised by the calibre of talent you can attract.

When looking for local talent, it’s a great idea to make your business as visible as possible. Participate in local business events by attending, sponsoring and spearking, and join the local chamber of commerce. Make sure that you’re enthusiastic when meeting other local business people and let everyone know that you’re looking for new talent.

Is your business looking its best?

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect employee, it’s a great idea to make sure your business looks as professional as possible.We recommend our London business address service that will add prestige to your company. A London business address looks excellent on business cards and will help your business make the right first impression with potential talent. Our business address service works especially well for businesses who don’t rent business premises, as it gives a professional appearance. To find out more about our online business address service and other business services, visit our website. Alternatively, give us a call for a friendly chat on 0208 232 5479.

5 Things You Should Do When Pitching Your Start-Up To Big Name Investors

20 April 2016

Pitching your business idea or start-up to investors can be a bit intimidating – especially when you’re aiming high. Our five things you should do when pitching your start-up to investors will help you to sell your idea effectively and walk away with the investment your business needs.

  1. YOU are just as important as your idea

Investors aren’t only going to be judging your business idea; they’re also going to be judging your capability of making it happen. It’s possible that you may be asked questions about past business experience, but don’t worry if this is your first venture! Instead, think up examples of past situations that have taught you valuable lessons that will apply to your business. One idea could be a story about a time where you failed at something and what it taught you.  

  1. Let your business tell the story

It’s a great idea to let your product or service do the talking. If possible get a prototype made, or make a video of your service being performed. This will do wonders for your pitch!

Another way to impress is to make sure you are presenting a professional image. Using a prestigious London address on business cards is a great way of implying that your business is to be taken seriously. If you’re interested in changing your business address, we offer a London business address service. Find out more here!


  1. Explain your idea in one sentence

This is a classic tip for a reason! Before you approach any big investors, test your idea out by explaining it, using one sentence, to your friends and family. If they understand it and say ‘That’s a good idea’, you can be sure that investors will be on the same page too.

  1. Clue up on tax

Sophisticated investors and individuals with a high net worth are always eager to take advantage of the government’s tax incentives for investing. To make this possible for your future investors, you need to carefully consider how you set up your company.

Do some research and work out how to make your business compliant and you’ll attract bigger and better investors. A good place to start is by finding out more about Enterprise Investment Scheme and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme companies and how you can become one too!

  1. Keep on networking!

In business, who you know is a huge factor in your success. Make sure you stay in contact with everyone you meet when you network, as you never know who you might have the perfect idea for at a later date.

Make sure you take every opportunity to network. If you happen to see a potential investor while out and about, take advantage of the situation and go and meet them. Unless they ask for your idea, it’s probably not a good idea to pitch them right there and then. Instead, use an occasion like this to start building a relationship by perhaps asking if you could set up a meeting, or give them a call at a later date. This tactic should also build intrigue as you’re keeping your cards close to your chest for the time being!

Are you ready to look for investors?

We’re here to help you get your business ready for potential investors! From an online company formation service, to a London business address service, we’re here to make sure your business is as professional as you are. Find out more on our website or alternatively, give us a call for a friendly chat on 0208 232 5479.






4 Things You Should Ask For Help With When You Start A Business

25 November 2015

Starting a business shouldn’t be a lonely process. You may be the mastermind behind your idea, but when it comes to making it happen, it’s always good to seek help with areas you’re not familiar with. Not sure what you should ask for help with, or how to do it? We’ve made a list of four things you should ask for help with when starting a business.

  1. Testing your idea

Lots of people are unwilling to talk about their business idea for a couple of different reasons. Some people are unwilling to open themselves up to other people and risk their idea potentially being ridiculed. Others are afraid that someone will steal their idea if they talk about it.

The truth is, sharing your idea is an excellent way to gain feedback and someone may say something that inspires you to think of an angle you’d never have considered on your own. As far as stealing your idea goes, you are the ingredient that makes your idea unique and no one can replicate that. Also, people are probably far too busy with their own ideas to consider taking yours.


  1. Not giving up

How can you ask for help with not giving up on your idea? This has its similarities with our last tip. By sharing your idea and getting your friends and family onside, you’ll create a support group that will help you to see your idea through. Sharing your plans means you’ve got a helpful bit of pressure to make it happen.

  1. Forming a company

There can be a lot of paperwork to navigate when forming a company. The time and hassle of getting to grips with all of the technicalities can be avoided by forming your company with an online company formation service. It’s really simple to do, and your company will be formed in 3-5 working hours. You can find out more about our online company formation service here.

  1. Marketing your company

Marketing is something that many business owners take on themselves, thinking it’s an area they can save money on. Unfortunately, these business owners will soon discover that even marketing basics, such as setting up social media accounts, take up a lot of hours that could be spent working on the business. Another good reason for asking for help with marketing is that experienced marketers can achieve results you might not be able to get on your own. Marketing could make your business a success, or a failure, depending on how well it has been done.

A good tip is to shop around for a marketing company. Ask other local businesses who they’d recommend and read any reviews about the company. This should help you to stay safe and spend your money on something that will give you a great return on investment.

Need help starting your business?

We care about your business and are here to help you succeed. At eformations, we offer a wide range of business services, from an online company formation service, to a London business address service, and much more! To find out more about how we can help you, visit our website give us a call for friendly chat on 020 8232 5479.